... according to legend, founded in 421, actually formed gradually between the sixth and seventh centuries archipelago lagoon after the Lombard invasion is by far one of the most beautiful cities of art. Besides this his fame to determine a number of tourists as impressive, is the extraordinary nature of the environment, with the presence of water conditioning that intersects between 118 islands connected by over 400 bridges and on which you do most of the city life.


... the origin of the neighborhood is lost in the mists of history. According to some, it was a place of deportation, according to others the name derives from the passage of the Jews (Jews). Later became an island populated by simple workers Venetians. Venetians was considered a proletarian district but now has become a quiet and sought after residential resort green gardens, the beautiful houses and luxurious hotels.
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View from the entrance of Casa Eden


... in Venice, are certainly quite expensive. The only way to "defend" is to buy, just arrived in town, day tickets. There are in fact of different types: from that of a day to weekly.
The frequency of the means is instead is very good: every minute you say about it passes a boat. At night the service is always guaranteed even if with a slightly lower frequency. Further information is available from the site www.actv.it.


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